It's more than likely that Norse ships saled through the Great Lakes as far back as 10,000 years ago. Not only are there huge Dolmans scattered through the UP wilderness, but according to geologists, the Upper Peninsula could very well have been mined thousands of years ago. It's a great story, but really only a story.

Natives & Voyagers
Prior to being settled, Big Bay was a hub for trade between the French Voyagers, and the Native Americans. Where Lake Independence now stands would have been a large indian village at the juction of two rivers.

Bowling for Brunswick
Brinswick Bowling Pins, brought the first industry to Big Bay, setting up a mill to take advantage of the old growth hardwood which was readily available

Henry Ford's Thunder Bay
Here's a piucture of Henry Ford's auto plant in 1944. All the wood paneling for the Ford line of vehicles was made in Big Bay, and the Thunder Bay Inn itself was constructed for Henry and his buddies.

Anatomy of a Murder
The hit 1959 film, Anatomy of a Murder, was filmed in Big Bay. Right here at the Thunder Bay Inn. The movie was based on actual events in our little town.

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Modern-day Big Bay a a beautiful little backwater town, and it's inhabitants are pleasant folk who would never want to live anywhere else.